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The government help people on low income with child care costs and disabled people by paying out extra money via tax credits. There are two types of tax credits, child tax credit and working tax credit. You might be eligible for one or both of them, depending on your circumstances. If you want to claim tax credits but you are unsure about the right procedure, we can sort out your tax credits application and renew them annually for you.

Whether you’re already claiming tax incentives or not, Nabs Accountancy can help your business. By working with us, you unleash the transformative power of tax credit claims and ensure you’re getting the reward you deserve for your investment.

Boosting innovation for your business

Working together we determine your eligibility, identify qualifying productions and qualifying expenditure and prepare computations and information in a form preferred by HMRC’s Creative Industries Unit. We help CEOs and founders gain access to cash or reduce their tax bill for their business by combining our high-tech software with R&D experts. With over millions in claims processed, and a world class technical team, we’ve got the expertise you need. We offer a specialised tax credit and accountancy services for all business types.

Nabs Accountancy allows qualifying companies to claim an additional deduction. For commercial companies, this additional deduction will either reduce the Corporation Tax payable or create a loss which can be surrendered for a payable tax credit.  For charitable companies, including CIOs and SCIOs, commonly exempt from Corporation Tax, if the additional deduction creates a loss then this loss can be surrendered to HMRC for a payable tax credit.

Tax credit experts

Here at Nabs Accountancy, we are not in competition with accountants, as our business is focussed complete accountancy services including Tax Credit Claims. As a result, we work with many dedicated and certified accountants, as their trusted advisors in this highly specialised area of taxation. Therefore, by giving them access to our specialist expertise, accountants can offer the very best advice relating to Tax Credits. Resulting in us being able to add real value to the services that they have to offer.

Our team understands the nuances of technological and scientific uncertainty, because it is all we do. Our experience means that we know what will satisfy the requirements of HMRC, but more importantly, how to interpret their guidelines.


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About our company

Whether you are starting from scratch or have been in business for years you will benefit from working with Nabs Accountancy. We can show you how to take your business to the next level. We work closely with our clients to provide a professional, tailored accountancy service to meet your needs, offering friendly and pro-active advice.

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